I was out on the Vanguard Way Section today. It was looking particularly lovely with the sun casting it rays through the woods. The trees, bushes and unfortunately some stinging nettles are out in full force. The footing was damp from the recent rain and a little muddy in sections but absolutely nothing of concern. A good road shoe would give ample grip.

I will be testing out other sections of the route over the next couple of weeks so watch out for updates.





Hi all,

I will be out on the Croydon Ultra route over the next week doubling checking route descriptions and making sure there are no issues.

Watch out for updates.

Its also not too late to enter. Just go to to enter online or use the postal application form on this website.

Happy Running !!!




There is always a top 10, top 50 or top 100 etc. But I am listing what I consider to be the most influential running books that I have read.  Not in any particular order of preference.  Only 8 books but what a cast of writers and some magical stories and facts. I would personally consider The Lore of Running as the bible for any runner.  

How many have you read and what others would you add to the list. 

Feet in the Clouds – Richard Askwith

The Lore of Running – Tim Noakes

Running with the Kenyans – Adharanand Finn

Born to Run – Christopher McDougall

What I talk about when I talk about Running – Haruki Marakumi

Eat & Run – Scott Jurek

Relentless Forward Progress – Bryon Powell

Ultramarathon Man – Dean Karnazes 

2013 The Croydon Ultra

The date for the 2013 event is Sunday July 7th. You can enter online via the Runners World website at

The 2013 edition of the race will be the third year of the event.  This 30 mile event is perfect for someone who has done a Spring marathon and wants to step up to their first Ultra.  The course is well marked and consists of two 7.5 mile out and back loops.  Checkpoints are at the 7.5 miles, 15 miles and 22.5 miles points.

This event is also perfect training for anyone doing a 50 mile or longer ultra event.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.