4 thoughts on “COURSE GUIDE

  1. Hi, I don’t suppose you have the line of the route on Google Maps or a downable GPX file do you? Thanks, @ultralynch.

    • Hi Mark,
      Not quite yet – but will sort this out prior to the event. There is a route description on the website in the meantime.
      Cheers and sorry for delay in getting back to you.

  2. Hi Ian
    A few questions….What time is the briefing for the race? Will it be marked at all, the description in the doc is going to be rather hard to follow and run with 🙂
    Would be great to get a GPX or similar if its available.

    • Hi Richard
      Briefing will be around 15 minutes before the start. Course will be marked but you should carry a description just in case.
      Course guide has just been emailed out.
      See you Sunday

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